Bathroom Fixtures

It’s been a long time since the basic items of a bathroom – Bathtubs, toilet-bowls, sinks, bidets and shower basins – came in just uniform white ceramic with standard sizes and designs.
At SH Design you can find an amazing variety of bathroom fixture designs with different materials such as wood and glass combinations, or aluminum and stainless steel. Wash-basins sculpted in different forms, either in circular flowing or square lines, and ones made of stone to give that special look. Wall-hanging toilet-bowls that look like they are hovering above the floor replace the familiar uniform awkward lump of a toilet bowl.

We can advise you on matching your bathroom fixtures to your desired design line and to your bathroom wall tiling. Since these are utilitarian design items that will stay in your house for a long time, they must be of the highest quality, reliable and comfortable in addition to their esthetic value. Our professional and experienced advisors will help you find the best item to fit your taste within your budget limits.