Probably the part of the shower most responsible for your enjoyment of the shower itself. These days, showerheads are much more than just a tube that regulates the water coming out of it.

In SH Design you can find a huge variety of designs for novel showerheads to cater to every whim: water-saving heads that mix the water with air to create the best spray or showerheads that change color with the water temperature, delighting children; an assortment of square showerheads that sprinkle water form above and even giant showerheads that can cover two people at the same time. Another innovation is the dual-head shower: no more having to choose which body pare to point the water at – now you have two currents that can be adjusted as you wish.

If you have more than one shower at home, you can have a different showerhead in each one to fit its main users. At SH Design you can find the showerhead to fit you.